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22nd June 2023

5 Of The Best Water Experiences in Northern Ireland

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David McIlroy

Hi, I’m David: creator of Trek NI, husband, Christian, dog-owner, Liverpool fan, watcher of movies, drinker of caffeine. Not in that order.

  • Mourne Mountains
    29th January 2019

    A Misty Walk to the Blue Lough

  • Mourne Mountains
    23rd August 2018

    Bearnagh: Chased the sunset, caught the rain

  • Mourne Mountains
    26th October 2018

    Doan: Panoramic Prince of the Kingdom

  • Mourne Mountains
    29th March 2019

    The Devil’s Coach Road, Beg, Cove and Lamagan

  • Photography
    20th March 2019

    Photographer in Focus: Brian McCready

  • Photography
    9th October 2018

    Photographer in Focus: Christine McIlroy

  • Photography
    6th August 2019

    Photographer in Focus: Leigh Parke

  • Photography
    12th February 2019

    Photographer in Focus: Nigel Clegg

  • Photography
    15th January 2019

    Photographer in Focus: Paul McFarland (Picturskew Photography)

  • Photography
    5th June 2019

    Photographer in Focus: Raphael Mason

  • Photography
    30th October 2018

    Photographer in Focus: Ryan McDonald

  • Photography
    21st November 2018

    Photographer in Focus: Ryan Simpson (Ryan Simpson Photography)

  • Stormy-Fanad2018feb-website Photography
    19th December 2018

    Photographer in Focus: Stephen Wallace

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    2nd November 2018

    7 Handy Books about the Mourne Mountains

  • Features
    4th December 2018

    8 Mourne Mountains Gift Ideas on Etsy

  • Features
    7th November 2018

    MADE in Mourne

  • Explore
    2nd January 2019

    Red Kite Tours NI

  • Mourne Mountains
    27th March 2019

    A Bird’s-Eye View of Northern Ireland with DronePiks

  • Explore
    7th January 2019

    Walk It Off NI

  • Mourne Mountains
    13th April 2020

    Slieve Lamagan and the Importance of Route Planning