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Are you the owner of an outdoors-related business in Northern Ireland? Do you need to promote a new product or a service you provide?

We offer a range of advertising options that can help you connect with your ideal audience, and all at a fair price:

→ Explore page listings

→ Feature articles

→ Article sponsorship

→ Banner ads

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Frequently-asked questions


What does article sponsorship entail?

When you sponsor an article on Trek NI, a clickable ad for your business is placed at the top-right of the page, where it’s seen straight away by readers. We’ll also re-share your sponsored article on social media when your sponsorship begins and will tag your business in related posts.

How much does article sponsorship cost?

You can sponsor any article on the website for as little as £10 per year. We determine sponsorship costs based on how popular an article is (ie. how often it’s viewed each month), so less-popular articles are cheaper to sponsor than those with high viewership. The most popular articles on Trek NI are viewed hundreds of times every month, referred directly from search engines.

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How much do feature articles and listings cost?

Feature articles cost £50 (one-time only fee); Explore page listings currently cost £70 for a full year subscription.

Do I have to pay in full right away?

While we prefer one-off payments, we’re happy to accept payment in instalments over a 2 to 3-month period. Feel free to ask about our payment options.

When do I have to renew my subscription?

For listings and article sponsorships, you don’t need to pay anything again until 365 days after your subscription begins. Feature articles are paid for once only and remain on the website permanently. Banner ads are renewed quarterly.

How much traffic does Trek NI get?

We’re still less than 2 years old, but our website already sees thousands of visitors stop by every week. Our social media reach is significant and growing exponentially, with approximately 200,000+ impressions made on Instagram each week alone.

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