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5 scenic walks around Lisburn

17th February 2021 by Marc Leach Share

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Having lived in Lisburn all of my life, many of these locations were considered hangout spots when I was a rowdy teenager. Now as an adult and a photographer, I look at these areas differently, by not only appreciating Lisburn’s rich history but its beauty as well.

Whether you are a history buff, a lover of nature or just want a good walk, here is a list of 5 amazing locations within the city of Lisburn.

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Duncan’s Dam

Located next to the Thiepval Army Barracks, Duncan’s Dam is an open sub-urban park. The dam was once used as Lisburn’s water supply up until the 1940s – now it is a small park that is ideal for dog walkers. A known spot for fishers, those who enter this area will be met with an array of fauna and the sounds of the dam’s main inhabitants; the ducks.

Wallace Park

A 26-acre park that is the perfect place for families, walkers and fitness lovers alike. During the summer you can expect the park to be filled with the hustle and bustle of children playing, and the many sports teams playing on the multiple pitches. But if it’s peace and quiet you want, then follow along the outskirts of the park where you will mainly find joggers and dog walkers. While you are there, don’t forget to stop by the duck pond!

Castle Gardens

This gorgeous open space was where Lisburn Castle, a 17th-century manor house, once stood. While the walls that surround the perimeter are all that stand from the castle, visitors will be greeted by the luscious greens from the gardens themselves. Notable artefacts within the area include the Wallace Memorial, an 18th-century crimean cannon and a clear pathway to Lisburn Cathedral.

Lagan Valley Island

This island that sits on the River Lagan is where the Lisburn City Council conference centre is located. However, around the building is a beautiful area that is worth walking. You can make your entry to the island by entering via the Lagan canal docks, where you will find a collection of art displays scattered all over the island. Do keep a watchful eye of the likes of the Artists Easel statue, the Garden of Remembrance and the Hickory Dickory Dock feature.

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Lagan Tow Path

Do you want to walk or a cycle from Lisburn to Belfast without the sound of cars disturbing your peace? Then the walk along the iconic Lagan Tow Path will be the best walk for you. The area is surrounded by both the beauty of nature and Northern Irish history, with the likes of derelict Hilden Mill sitting on the Lagan’s banks. Those with a watchful eye will also catch a glimpse of the many forms of wildlife who live here, from the families of swans to the speedy Kingfisher.

I hope you enjoyed this list of areas to visit within Lisburn. Like myself, I hope it has opened your eyes to all the rich history and beauty that surrounds the city itself – just be sure to bring your camera as well!


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