5 Great Tent Choices for Hikers in 2020

4th January 2019 Share

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The new year welcomes an endless list of resolutions, some more realistic than others. What is very possible however, is your ability to get out there and nail your personal best. To do that, you may need to find the right tent.

We’ll not bore you too much with the endless list of ways in which hiking positively impacts your overall wellness, and instead, let’s talk about the essentials to make the most of your outdoor adventures. One of the most important things to consider is the weight that you’re carrying, and we’re not talking about any of the extra Christmas weight! Finding the right tent will make a massive difference to your trip, from the weight of the load you’re carrying, right through to the durability.

The key things to consider when you’re shopping for your tent:

  • How many people you want the tent to sleep
  • Space for number of sleepers and gear
  • Weight
  • Assembly time and skill (if you’re a solo hiker, the easier the better, right?)
  • The seasons you’ll be travelling through

Really think about what you want from your tent, how many people you intend to share it with and how long you’ll be carrying it for. What may seem like nothing when holding it in the store, can amount to a backache when carrying it over time. Do your research, or simply read our recommendations below, to understand what a specification online really feels like in person. Dimensions mean nothing without understanding other’s experiences with it. Rectangular tents, for example, are often much more sympathetic to two-people comfort.

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1. Coleman Cobra 2

The Coleman Cobra 2 was built specifically for hiking and considers the importance of being lightweight and agile. The tent measures at 34 inches in height, 101 inches in length, 49 inches in width and weighing 2.3kg. (Remember these are the measurements at their tallest, widest and longest!)

It fits comfortably in its sleeve every time and is easy to set up and take down. Whilst it is marketed for two people, reviews suggest that it may be better for one – especially if one of you is taller than 6ft. Paired with your bags, there may be little wriggle room left. The fiberglass poles are a true selling point, improving the response to extreme weathers thanks to its flexibility.

One thing to look out for with this tent is the footprint, be sure to tread carefully to avoid tearing. The downside of a lightweight tent is finer fabrics.

All in all, this is great tent for the solo hiker given its space, delicacy and light weight.

2. Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2

Weighing in at only 1.4kg, the Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2 already ticks most of the boxes required of a hiker’s tent. One of the brand’s best sellers, this is a better fit for 2 people – the tent measures 40 inches tall, 88 inches long and 52 inches wide. It’s also easy to set up at any time of the day, with set up time just under 5 minutes in total. This is a big plus, as anyone will know, weather and time of day can often dampen the fun of building a tent.

Perks of this tent include two doors and two vestibules, as well as two mesh pouches at the head of the tent and two on the sides for extra storage, making this a favourite for those hiking in pairs. The structure of the fabric increases tear strength by 25% and water resistance, owing to rip-stop nylon silicone treated materials.

Tested during strong winds and rain, the tent held up more than comfortably. There are very little aches with this tent. Marketed as a 3-season tent, there is a desire for a stronger endurance to much cooler temperatures – but it does exactly what it says on the tin!

A great light-weight tent, with clever compartments and intense durability.

3. Naturehike Cloud-Up 2

This tent is the bargain out on the bunch and weighs in at 1.9kg. Recently experiencing an upgrade, Naturehike have improved ventilation for varied weathers and increased durability by strengthening the integrity of its structure.

Reviews have been fantastic for this tent, praising the value and how it sits against the more expensive options on the market. Measuring at 39.4 inches tall, 49.2 inches wide and 82.7 inches long, it’s a good size for two hikers. It is also surprisingly waterproof and windproof, thanks to silicon coated seams and the addition of aluminum pegs for reinforcement.

Further improvements could see the addition of Velcro tabs to improve security, particularly for the top of the fly. Overall, this is a fantastic bargain purchase for two, that holds its weight alongside the higher priced tents out there.

4. MSR Hubba Hubba NX

Aside from having a great name, the MSR Hubba Hubba NX has a fantastic reputation among hikers. Only 1.72 kg, the two-person tent has seen some winning recent updates, including a weight reduction and structural changes which increase its durability. Measuring at 39 inches tall, 50 inches wide and 84 inches long, there is plenty of room for two and your gear.

The rectangular floor of this tent is ideal and not a common feature, combined with the two doors and vestibules, it really is a great option to share – not to mention how light this will become shared across two backpacks. The tent weathers storms well, surviving downpour and high winds like a champ.

There is very little to feedback when it comes to cons, with many of the essentials covered. Improvements could be made to durability with varied temperatures, with condensation reported as an ache in humid weather.

Hubba Hubba is a great tent for hikers, with size and structural integrity in mind.

5. Wild Country Foehn 2 Tent

Wild Country’s Foehn 2 Tent is, as you might expect, perfect for wild camping in the mountains. At around 2.5kg, it’s light enough to take along on even the most extensive hikes, and can be pitched very easily upon reaching your destination. Two porches allow you to store your gear at one end while storing yourself at the other. The Foehn 2 can be used all year round, with extensive interior ventilation and a removable fly sheet for more comfortable summer camping.

This tent is particularly suited to warm weather hikes, with a familiar dome design and enough room for two adventurers. The material used in making the Foehn 2 are water resistant and flame retardant, and can be taped to make the tent fully waterproof.

Come rain or shine, this tent is the business.

So there you have it – five great tent options for your 2020 hiking adventures! What are you waiting for?

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