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Glamper: Our Weekend Motorhome Adventure

26th May 2023 by David McIlroy Share

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“May the road rise up and meet you.”

That’s Glamper’s mantra, and it couldn’t be more appropriate.

Last month, Christine and I were offered the chance to take their luxury 4-berth motorhome out for the weekend, and we jumped at the opportunity.

Glamper’s been one of Trek NI’s Recommended Partners for a while now and I’ve loved following their journey online.

I’ve seen plenty of photos and videos of their amazing vehicles on social media and always wondered how it’d feel to drive one myself.

Well, wonder no more!

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We picked up our temporary home-on-wheels from Glamper’s site in Ballymena on the Friday morning and immediately headed west.

Christine was keen to visit County Donegal, and having been there so infrequently myself, I was happy to oblige.

I have to admit at this point that I was a little nervous about driving the motorhome. I’d never driven anything bigger than an SUV before and didn’t know for sure how well I’d handle it.

However, once I got behind the wheel, the campervan enthusiast slumbering deep inside me finally awoke.

Within about 10 minutes, I genuinely felt completely at ease driving Glamper’s motorhome. It’s not as difficult as you might expect – as long as you remain aware of its larger dimensions and factor them in at junctions and roundabouts, you’ll have no issues.

The motorhome itself is beautiful, too. Louise (one of Glamper’s owners) had kindly given us a comprehensive tour of the vehicle before we set out, showing us exactly how to operate every aspect of its interior and exterior, from the gas-powered heating system to the fold-down TV/DVD player.

And “luxury” really is the operative word when describing Glamper’s motorhome.

They’ve truly thought of everything, right down to the shortbread and bottled water in their welcome pack (that was a pleasant discovery!).

Glamper have also included a series of instructional videos on their app, so you’ll have a pretty good idea of how to work everything well before setting foot in the vehicle.

Anyway, back to our journey…

Our first stop was Glenveagh National Park. If you haven’t been already, I highly recommend stopping by sometime – it’s stunning!

We stayed just long enough for a sunshine dander around their shortest walking trail (and a coffee in Synge and Byrne) before hitting the road again.

Heading north, we passed between rolling Irish hills and grassy fields full of Spring lambs (sounds a bit too good to be true, but it was!), finally arriving at our first campsite, Rosguill Holiday Park, where we enjoyed some amazing sea views and an episode or two of The Office.

Dinner was delicious – burgers at the packed-out Singing Pub just down the road. Then we hit the hay in the midst of our fellow campers as waves lapped the shore nearby.

The next morning, we visited Murder Hole Beach (well worth the steep uphill trek and sand-filled shoes) before starting the second leg of our journey, which would take us eastward back to NI.

We arrived at Maddybenny campsite (another one of our brilliant Recommended Partners) that afternoon, which is the place to be if you like horses, ducks and peacocks.

It’s a beautiful site in a fantastic location; using it as our base, we took a sunset stroll around Portrush, enjoyed a Chinese takeout, watched a Marvel movie, and Day 2 was done.

Our third and final day saw us traverse a section of the Causeway Coastal Route, passing White Rocks Beach, Dunluce Castle, the Giant’s Causeway, White Park Bay and Ballycastle before heading back to Ballymena.

I was genuinely sad to leave our motorhome (I’d gotten pretty accustomed to waving enthusiastically at fellow campervan drivers over the weekend – it’s a rule, you know) and my own car didn’t feel quite the same anymore.

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If you’ve ever thought about hitting the open road in a motorhome, here’s my closing piece of advice for you: just do it.

Don’t let nerves hold you back – there’s no better way to tour this little island (or beyond) than in a kitted-out, luxury vehicle you can essentially take wherever you like.

Book your next great adventure with Glamper today!

Interested in becoming one of our Recommended Partners? Get in touch now.


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