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KUBO: Authentic Filipino food in the heart of Belfast

10th September 2021 by David McIlroy Share

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Authentic Filipino food isn’t always easy to come by in Northern Ireland – until now, anyway! We chatted to Nallaine of Belfast-based company KUBO about why you need to try Filipino dishes as soon as possible.

So Nallaine, what is KUBO and where is it based?

Kubo is a Filipino food concept and home-based business based in Belfast! We specialize in authentic Filipino food and we’re home to the first Filipino Kamayan Kit/Box in Northern Ireland!

What’s the story behind it?

My name is Nallaine and I’m originally from Canada! I moved over to the UK 5 years ago and to Belfast just under 3 years ago!

Working as a chef in the city, I had literally nowhere to turn to for Filipino comfort food. I started doing Filipino Kamayan events at my place of work at the time.

Tables lined with banana leaves and dressed with amazing Filipino food, colourful vegetables and dipping sauces! Fast forward to the pandemic of 2020 – we decided to continue offering Filipino food under our new name, Kubo.

We, like many, started as a home business operating a collection system!

And what kind of food do you serve?

We specialize in authentic Filipino food. These recipes are handed down from my mom and dad and from generations of my family!

The main feature of Kubo is our Kamayan Kit. Kamayan in Filipino tagalog translates to “eat with your hands” and we’ve condensed the kamayan filipino culture into a small collection box you can enjoy at home!

Boxes lined with banana leaves and FILLED to the brim with Filipino food and goodies!

We also steep and bottle our own Filipino spicy vinegar!

Tell me about the Kubo Supper Club.

With the opening of restaurants and easing of restrictions, we knew we had to adapt. We wanted to branch out of the shadows of being a home business and properly showcase what Kubo can offer. An experience!

We have made so many friends in the industry and many have been amazing and kind enough to allow us to use their restaurants for Kubo to Pop-Up! We’ve done Supper Clubs at Buba in Belfast and at Newtownards at Haptik so far!

We love sharing these cultural experiences with you all and we’re gonna keep it going!

What’s in your Kamayan Kit?

Our Kamayan kit menu changes seasonally. It will usually come with a choice of two proteins and be accompanied by loads of fresh vegetables, lumpia spring rolls and dipping sauces like calamansi soy sauce and spicy vinegar!

And do you cater for events?

We do! We absolutely love this part of Kubo. it allows us to bring the spirit of the Philippines right to your home, venue or event! All our catering menus can be found on our website.

Any exciting plans for the future?

The end goal is of course a proper space/restaurant where Kubo can consistently operate. We do believe, however, that the journey is so much more important than the destination. We WANT to keep learning and growing and networking before we just set up shop. So, yes, big goals but for now.. we stick to the little goals like supper clubs, events and pop ups that will make the end goal that much more special!

Lastly, what’s your favourite thing about KUBO?

My favourite part about KUBO is being able to share and speak about my Filipino culture. It’s something that I’ve taken for granted. It’s only until I moved away from home that I truly realized how special and amazing Filipino culture is. Sharing my family’s recipes and educating people on why, how and what makes them Filipino is a privilege. Also, I’ve met and made SO many friends along this journey and I think that in itself has been an amazing experience.

Find out more about KUBO here.

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