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Portbradden to Dunseverick: Six Go Adventuring on the Causeway Coast

30th October 2019 by Kelly Hargie Share

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Polly Gribben - Irish landscape and seascape artist

With three energetic kids and a husky pup to amuse (tire out!) while out walking it’s all about rugged landscapes for us as a family. The Causeway Coast is ideally suited to a walk on the wild side, with its dramatic scenery and various points of interest along the way making it the perfect place to go on an exciting adventure. If you want to enjoy a walk that’s not too long in distance but at the same time is challenging and also offers up some of the most spectacular views Northern Ireland has to offer then we as a family highly recommend taking a coastal trek from Portbradden to Dunseverick.

There’s one very important rule to bear in mind though when endeavouring to tackle this route – take it slow! This is a walk where you really want to saunter along at a leisurely pace because you really don’t want to miss a thing that this stretch of coastline has on display…cue Aerosmith.

Seriously though, when we stopped off here towards the end of the summer to introduce our husky pup, Kai, to the Causeway Coast, we were no sooner on the trail than we felt like we were in a scene from The Famous Five – the lushness of the grass, the good weather, the sweeping curves of the hilly terrain, the jutting coastland all lending themselves to a picture-perfect storybook kind of sensation.

We repeatedly had to pause and just take it all in, murmuring aloud how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place and no wonder our coastline has become synonymous with talk of dragons and all things Game of Thrones – it is an astounding backdrop to film on without a doubt.

As you make your way around the coast from Portbradden you will spot numerous interesting features for budding explorers to investigate and if your children are anything like mine, they will find with plenty of opportunity to climb, roll, run freely and generally burn off some steam – the perfect playground!

While not particularly long in distance this trek can easily take up the best part of day because there’s so much to discover and there are also plenty of places to stop for a picnic, hunt for fossils or simply enjoy the magnificent views.

We encountered only a handful of people along the route last time we visited, despite the fact that it was a glorious day. So, if you’d like a hike that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of daily life to enjoy some quality time in nature, then Portbradden to Dunseverick’s for you one hundred per cent.

Take your time along this stunning stretch of coastline, walk through the cave, climb the mounds, pause at the little beach and breathe deep the fresh sea air – you will undoubtedly come home feeling invigorated for the week ahead and with a heart bursting with gratitude – both symptoms of time well spent!

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Article sponsored by Polly Gribben – Irish landscape and seascape artist.


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