#Lockdown Living! Small Steps to Dreamy Dining with Walk If Off NI

20th May 2020 by Nikki Elliot Share

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This is my #lockdown #food story.

Food! – Such solace can be found in #lockdown dining when you live with a family of foodies! We have discovered new recipes (3 meals a day for weeks on end and the usual becomes rather boring).  The recipes have to have one thing in common – EASY! We love to cook but have to be on the ball for potential work and we want food we all eat.  Discovered the spicy joys of Baked buffalo chicken wings (we use boned thighs instead-less messy), returned to the tasty Jamie’s Flaky Pastry Pesto Chicken and then brilliant IKEA released their meatball recipe just in time to transform that week! (the joy in small things can’t be overestimated!). Ikea meatballs recipe

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Breaking up the day by sitting together for meals, is important, we all have work to do but we eat at regular times, it gives structure to these strange days. Weekends are different, lying in, drinking gin (adults only!) and baking fancy treats.

Breakfasts range from the usual to the downright indulgent. From cereal, via porridge to ulster fries and pancakes with Nutella (the latest teen creation is pancake sprinkled with sugar and lemon juice, covered with a thin combo layer of Nutella and Greek Yoghurt and then, topped off with finely sliced banana and a sprinkling of crushed frozen raspberry ‘drupes’. The frozen raspberry melting on your tongue creates a taste sensation!). Don’t knock it until you try it!

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Take-Away – Friday take-away tradition was saved by The Raj Belfast reopening! Just in time for our #lockdown Wedding Anniversary. Best Indian in Belfast/Lisburn by far (Domino’s is the family favourite but I prefer stone baked Co-op pizza, much to familial disbelief)!

News just in! Chi Chi Kitchen is opening this weekend (Yay! Chinese!).

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