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Snapshot Trek: Mullaghdoo

4th February 2019 by Simon Gray Share

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Have you trekked to Mullaghdoo?

I’ve tried to explore the Sperrins more recently since it’s not too far from me in Enniskillen. It’s one of the largest upland areas in Ireland and has some of the highest mountains in NI. They may not be as high as the Mournes but they make up for it with their wildness.

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I started off with the intention of making it to the top of Mullaghclogha, the second highest in the Sperrins after Sawel. After heading through Plumbridge and down east down the Glenelly Valley the clouds started to drop but I thought I’d head up anyway.

I parked the car at a layby on the high point of the park road that links the villages of Cranagh and Park either side of the high Sperrins. From here I just walked off the edge of the road and made my way up the side of Carnakilly Hill. There aren’t any trodden paths in the Sperrins, it’s all just open country and this often means navigating your way through mazes of peat hags – this walk was no exception.

At the top of Carnakilly, I could see all the way to the north coast and to the other side of the Glenelly valley to the south. As I made my way further up towards the top of Mullaghdoo the cloud was coming in but to the south the light was just breaking through to shine on the Oughtdoorish Burn that leads down to the Glenelly River.

Once I made it to the top of Mullaghdoo the cloud had really come in and I could barely see 20 feet in front of me. So I thought I’d come back and try and reach Mullaghclogha another day. I headed down via the same route and as I came down below the cloud two ravens flew overhead towards the top of Dart Mt and beyond to Sawel. This area of the high Sperrins is well worth visiting for it’s amazing views in all directions and a real sense of wilderness.

Date: 22nd Dec 2018

Location: Mullaghdoo, Sperrins

Elevation: 568m

Trekkers: Simon Gray

Highlight: Views over the Glenelly Valley and north towards Binevenagh

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