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I help women over 30 LOSE WEIGHT so they can optimise their lifestyles and feel BODY CONFIDENT YEAR ROUND without dieting or spending hours exercising everyday. 

You’ve been down this road before. Your goals are sitting right there in front of you and you’re motivated to reach out and grab them!

But, with each passing day you are struggling to maintain momentum

1. You are obsessively exercising and seeing little or no return!

2. Your tired of going from one diet to the next!

3. You just want a simple and sustainable nutrition and exercise plan!

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Here at Sculpt Strong I teach you CLEAR and SIMPLE ways to CHANGE your MINDSET so you can build and maintain a LEAN and HEALTHY body year round!

I help you to understand your behavioural tendencies, and personality so you can create LASTING change with less effort, using my coaching strategy BABE.

Upgrade your lifestyle today join the Sculpt Strong Collective and finally succeed in the battle against weight loss!


✅ 1:1 Personal Coaching

✅ Virtual Coaching

✅ Pre and postnatal Coaching

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