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Fuel your trekking adventures across Northern Ireland with Barista Bar, NI’s leading coffee to go brand. We provide the ultimate experience of convenient, top-quality coffee and hot beverages tailored to suit your on-the-go lifestyle in over 400 stores.

From the frothiest cappuccinos to the smoothest americanos, Barista Bar is dedicated to delivering Coffee As It Should Be.

Searching for the nearest Barista Bar to your favourite trekking spot? Look no further! Download the new Barista Bar app for an effortless coffee journey, where you can keep track of your loyalty stamps, rewards+ points, and all things Barista Bar in one convenient place.

Embark on a coffee fuelled trekking adventure with us—visit or download the app from the Apple or Google Play Store.

Barista Bar, where every cup will elevate your trekking experience!

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Across Northern Ireland