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  • 15 Rosevale Avenue, Drumbeg, Dunmurry, Belfast, BT17 9LG

Always more than a walk. Wonder why you have never been? Dream when you will come again!

Based just outside Belfast, Walk It Off NI design and run unique guided walking and artisan food experiences. The experiences glory in our landscapes, nature, heritage and human connection. Connection always involves food too, right? All the experiences link you with a local, artisan food producer and we dine together, al fresco on a menu curated by Walk It Off NI to deepen your knowledge of NI’s food culture.


The experiences are all small-group. (max 12) The ‘Hidden Huntley Walking and Food Experience’ is part of Tourism NI’s global #EmbraceaGiantSpirit brand. More here.

The experiences happen off-the-beaten track in the unique landscapes of Northern Ireland. Weaving heritage, culture and local food lore into the natural landscape as we move. Experiences are all outdoors, small-group, bookable online and can be booked for exclusive use. For further details and to book an experience, please click here.

Professional Experience Designer

Walk It Off NI is currently Designing 3 other Embrace A Giant Spirit brand-aligned experiences and is licensed to host an experience at National Trust Minnowburn. Contact Nikki@walkitoffni.com to discuss your experience design needs.

Languages offered:
English, French, a little Spanish


To bring to life the lived layers in the natural landscapes through which we walk, engaging you with the heritage of the land traversed and the local food we eat together, alfresco, immersed in the landscape. We aim to operate in an inclusive, sustainable and eco-friendly way respecting culture, heritage and nature.

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15 Rosevale Avenue, Drumbeg, Dunmurry, Belfast, BT17 9LG