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The Scott family began diversification of their farm at Drummanbeg lake some 10 years ago, offering members of the public the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature and become inspired by the natural beauty of County Armagh’s diverse and beautiful landscape.

Drummanbeg Lake is situated just outside the Cathedral city of Armagh, surrounded by wild meadows with stunning views over a woodland lake – the perfect retreat for a relaxing and peaceful walk or picnic / BBQ. With close proximity to Armagh City centre, there are many cultural activities and entertainment experiences to be had.

The woodland estate also has many other activities on offer. These include: fishing, nature trails, bird and wildlife spotting. There are many different varieties of birds to be seen at Drummanbeg, and there are also wild deer if you’re lucky enough to spot one!

The Scott family fishery was opened for business in late 2010 and welcomed local fishermen and tourists from far and wide. As well as local fishermen keen to explore new waters, they also encountered many German and Italian fishermen who travel to Ireland to fish the wild rivers and lakes. In addition, bird watchers use this site, particularly with annual migratory birds and ducks leaving and arriving, using the lake, trees, and meadows as their ‘pit-stop’ and destination. Watchers here have even encountered the Ring-necked Duck, a rare visitor, but fascinating to see.

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118 Drummanmore Road, Armagh, BT61 8RN