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Home of home-made.

The Cake Room is a small, family run bakery and tea room located in the picturesque village of Strangford. Louise, the owner, began baking cakes for friends and family back in 2012, converting the spare room in her family farmhouse into a space for herself to pursue this hobby away from the animals and children. Soon after, this became affectionally known as “The Cake Room” by her five children, and so her business was born. Fast forward to 2016: with encouragement from friends and family, Louise left her job as a pastry chef, starting out on her own, and thus The Cake Room as it is now was established.

The Cake Room, like any classic Irish bakery and tea room, is run by family and friends, serving customers fresh produce alongside a friendly chat. All of the bakery produce is handcrafted small batch, in house, every morning using high quality and majority local ingredients. Every product is taste tested by the staff to ensure the quality is to the best standard.

Products freshly made include a variety of handcrafted traditional Irish breads including, wheaten bread, scones, and soda bread. With the name ‘The Cake Room’ the selection wouldn’t be complete without a range of sweets, cakes, brownies, traybakes and much more, including Louise’s Family Favourite Sticky Toffee Pudding. If you have less of a sweet tooth however, The Cake Room also provides a number of savoury options: made to order sandwiches, homemade soup, and much more, including their famous artisanal sausage rolls made in a wide range of flavours from Chilli and Cheese to Christmas Dinner, probably the best around. The Cake Room also ensures that everyone can indulge themselves, specialising in Vegan and Gluten Free friendly sweet and savoury options.

Another must have when visiting The Cake Room is a hot cup of coffee, made with beans locally roasted from fellow small business ‘Bean and Fixed it’, and brewed by trained baristas/coffee lovers. The deliciously rich and smooth coffee sees fans coming back time and time again for the perfect cup, a freshly baked scone, and a catchup with friends. Even with travellers to the village returning time again for a catchup, with staff themselves all local and able to advise on local gems, from walks to discover, to local restaurants and pubs that feel like home, to indulge yourself, and be treated like family.

The Cake Room also specialises in personalised celebration cakes, from weddings to graduations. Any and all cakes are home baked and decorations handcrafted, in house, by their top baker and owner Louise, as she has from the beginning.

The Cake Room also offers small-scale outside catering options, which can be staffed if necessary, providing, child friendly, gluten free friendly, and Vegan options.

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1 Kildare Street, Strangford, BT30 7LJ