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I help people take control of their fitness and nutrition.

I worked in the IT industry for over 10 years and decided when my son was born that I needed to get back to something that I was passionate about. I couldn’t tell him to follow his heart if I wasn’t following mine!

I’ve always been interested in fitness and trying to stay healthy so I decided to retrain as a Personal Trainer and then a nutritionist! Making a difference to a variety of different age groups and goals is really rewarding for me and I love what I do!

In essence my goal is to help people take control of their fitness and nutrition and I tailor my approach to that based on their end goals! The nutrition service is based online and my training service both online and in my studio which is solely for 1-1 training so they can expect a completely personalised experience. The space is dedicated to them while they are there for their training session and it’s that focus on their goals that has made my business what it is today!

As my range of clients varies from teenagers to busy professionals to retirees I tailor my fitness programmes to meet the needs of their end goals. There is never a one size fits all in my experience and the service adapts to meet that. Some people focus on strength, some on general fitness and others on fat loss/muscle gain.

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